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Benefits of choosing Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Chicago

Ask more from your dentist.

Is going to the dentist a scary, daunting experience for you?  If so, you might consider a new dentist.

Sugar Fix Dental Loft offers you a cool atmosphere, modern technology, pain and anxiety management, and single-visit work that saves you time and money. 

When you come here, you will likely find going to the dentist is not just easy, it's fun.

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Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Chicago

What we offer you:

Competitive pricing:
About the same price or less as other dentists.

Save time and money:
Same-day dental work for many services, on-time reservations.

Advanced technology:
Digital X-rays, CAD/CAM, Ivoclar Vivadent Odyssey® 2.4G Diode Laser.

Movies, music, Bose® noise canceling headphones.

Sedation dentistry, and a warm, friendly team.

Extensively trained, professional team across multiple general, cosmetic, and restorative treatments.

Evening and morning hours, great location in Chicago's Lakeview area.

If you have dental fear or anxiety, we offer you sedation dentistry. You'll be awake and in control for your service, but you won't remember it!

We want you to be comfortable and delighted about coming to see us. You will find our office is more like a blissful spa rather than a dental office.

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Sugar Fix Dental Loft Reception Desk, Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Chicago

Save time.
Most work is done in a single visit!

Older, traditional dentists might take 2-4 visits to do a crown. In our office, we can do this not only in a single visit, but in a matter of hours! 

No nasty, slimy impressions. We can make a perfect, digital 3D model of your teeth in seconds, and print (mill) new permanent crowns that fit perfectly!

Sit back. Relax. Watch a movie. We’ll take care of the rest!

Make a reservation.

Dr. Jessica Emery and our team work tirelessly to ensure we go above and your expectations.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in the Chicago area, please contact us and make a reservation with Dr. Emery.

Contact us today for a consultation:
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